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Jesoma Liquorice & Blackcurrant

Jesoma Liquorice & Blackcurrant

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The Jesmona brand is reputed to be named after the Jesmond area of Newcastle, the part of the world where their sweets were originally manufactured. The Jesmona name was bought by Maxons Ltd in 1960 and production moved to their Sheffield factory. With over half a centuries experience in confectionary making, we have come to produce a selected range of traditional sweets to high quality standards. Originally fronted by the enterprising Philip Pitchfork, Maxons are still run today by two of his grandsons making it a truly family run business. Take yourself back to your childhood, Jesmona specialise in classic confectionary that tastes as good now as it did back then. Our tins of Jesmona Liquorice and Blackcurrant sweets comprise of a classic combination of flavours that creates a wonderful contrast of long lasting tastes. The sweet tase of the blackcurrant is matched with the deep aromatic flavour of the liquorice. Ideal for sharing whilst watching your favourite film, they will also make long journeys more bearable. The tin is designed simply and classically and can be used after the sweets are eaten for a multitude of purposes. Made in the United Kingdom all of our confectionary is of the highest quality.


Glucose Syrup
Condensed Full Cream Milk
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin
Colours - Anthocyanins (E163)