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Sweet Box's

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Our sweet boxes are forever changing!
They’re always full with only the best quality sweets though! The Sweets will be in a sealed bag within the box to ensure freshness.
We like to make sure there's always a really good mix of sweets and that your getting the absolute best value for your money.
Our Liqorice box has a good selection , including Pontefract cakes , Torpedoes, liquorice allsorts and Jelly spoggs to name a few.
Our Chocolate selection has a varied selection from Chocolate Honeycomb Bites to Jazzies and Chocolate Mice.
The Soft Sweet Box has all our most popular soft sweets. Haribo Rhubarb and Custard,  Haribo Strawbs , Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles etc. The list goes on.
The Chocolate and Soft Mix Box contains a great mix of both our Soft Mix and our Chocolate Box.
We can custom mix any box with your favourites.  Just give us a call at the shop or Message on Facebook.